Norsk Tibetansk Terrier Klubb

2019-05-25, Fenstad


Norsk Tibetansk Terrier Klubb




De Ridder-Onghena, Liliane


4 tilleggspoeng fra antall deltagende hunder for toppresultater

Hund Resultat Poeng
Kifani's Kamili Eros' Binti Nandi BIR, Excellent, CK 24
Dirty Diamond's Akili Kifani By Ino BIM, Excellent, CK 22
Shavano's One And Only Winnie 2. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 20
Kifani's Oni Xiao Mei By Badrani Excellent 4
Luchill's Bititi Jean Excellent 4
Mankoya's Jolly Jenna Excellent 4
Kifani's Nandipa Madhavi By Phillip Excellent 4
Shavano's Quality of life by Thimba Very Good 3
Adoreas Ridged Ivi Very Good 3
Dame Fortunas Caylee Very Good 3
Brown Tail's Abella Very Good 3