NKK Bø 2018 (Nordisk)

2018-02-17, Bø - Nordic


Norsk Kennel Klub




Jönsson, Eva


14 tilleggspoeng fra antall deltagende hunder for toppresultater


Hund Resultat Poeng
Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity BIR, Excellent, CK 34
Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep BIM, Excellent, CK 32
Dirty Diamond's Akili Kifani By Ino 2. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 30
Sabaku Inus Bakari Of Edelrood 2. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 30
Saimon's Praide Mirror Of My Hope 3. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 28
Makaita's Amahle Wadiwa Of Shalita 3. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 28
Ridgedogs Loveatfirstsight Daia 4. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 26
Ulwazi's Born To Run Asti Excellent, CK 5
Ridgedogs MadeWithLove Adele Excellent, CK 5
Elangeni Friends In Hi Places Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's One Of A Kind Mali Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's Gentle Loba By Clay Excellent, CK 5
Kelangos Chi Zalto (l) Excellent 4
Adoreas Ridged Goliat Excellent 4
Kelangos Chi Caos Excellent 4
Tusani Sun Hawk Minarbi Excellent 4
Ave Caesar Born To Be Happy Excellent 4
Adoreas Ridged Farya Excellent 4
Masithela's Xcellent Akili Excellent 4
Shavano's One And Only Winnie Excellent 4
Kifani's Kamili Eros' Binti Nandi Excellent 4
Shavano's Proud To Be Bellarosaria Excellent 4
Kangelani's Precious Emily Excellent 4
Bovijo She's A Mystery Excellent 4
Adoreas Ridged Arwen Excellent 4
Powerofgrace Awesome Bentley Speed Very Good 3
Ridgedogs Glorious Akinzo Very Good 3
Go To Gate 1 Farkas Very Good 3
Kifani's Nandipa Lilly Of Thevalley Very Good 3
Faira Iolanda Kirabo Very Good 3
Kifani's Nandipa Madhavi By Phillip Very Good 3
Sabaku Inus Chikako Of Sheriff Very Good 3
Kelangos Chi Gentle (l) Very Good 3
Kelangos Chi Cala (l) Very Good 3
Sabaku Inus Nessa Of Meus Milo Very Good 3
Tusani Sunshine Minarbi Very Good 3
Luchill's Bititi Jean Very Good 3
Adoreas Ridged Hettie (l) Good 2
Amageba's Takatifu Tekeleza Good 2
Mankoya's Jolly Jenna Good 2