Norsk Kennel Klub

2018-08-18, Lillehammer


Norsk Kennel Klub




Kruus, Jelena


8 tilleggspoeng fra antall deltagende hunder for toppresultater


Hund Resultat Poeng
Makaita's Amahle Wadiwa Of Shalita BIR, Excellent, CK 28
Amatonga's Golden Boy To Kadamo BIM, Excellent, CK 26
Dirty Diamond's Akili Kifani By Ino 2. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 24
Kangelani's One Of A Kind Mali 2. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 24
Island Bali Auksinis Feniksas 3. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 22
Shavano's One And Only Winnie 3. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 22
Royalty Rocks Lady Portia 4. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 20
Makaita's Amahle Lora Of Shalita Excellent, CK 5
Hayawani Rangi Salima Excellent, CK 5
Kifani's Nandipa Lilly Of Thevalley Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's Ruti Rubina Excellent, CK 5
Ulwazi's Born To Run Asti Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's Rich Rach Rami Excellent 4
Go To Gate 1 Farkas Excellent 4
Shavano's Proud to be Ciro Excellent 4
Kangelani's Piece Of Art (l) Excellent 4
Dame Fortunas Caylee Excellent 4
Kifani's Nandipa Bailey By Phillip Excellent 4
Shavano's Proud To Be Bellarosaria Excellent 4
Kangelani's Precious Emily Excellent 4
Ridgedogs Jewelry Mio Of Mira Very Good 3
Kifani's Nandipa Madhavi By Phillip Very Good 3
Faira Iolanda Kirabo Very Good 3
Adoreas Ridged Havanna Very Good 3