NKK Lillestrøm 2016 (International)

2016-11-19, Lillestrøm


Norsk Kennel Klub




Piscedda, Sandra


20 tilleggspoeng fra antall deltagende hunder for toppresultater


Hund Resultat Poeng
Etanaridge's Majestix By Obelix BIR, Excellent, CK 40
Shavano's One And Only Winnie BIM, Excellent, CK 38
Shavano's One And Only Barrak 2. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 36
Dirty Diamond's Almasi By Ino 2. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 36
Zanzibar Sangoma 3. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 34
Kadamo I'm In It For The Gold 3. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 34
Kangelani's Impressive Ino By Ascot 4. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 32
Bovijo She's A Mystery 4. BHK/BTK, Excellent, CK 32
Kadamo I Am High Quality Excellent, CK 5
Kadamo Always Aiming High Excellent, CK 5
Furetangens Baqaza Bahron Excellent, CK 5
Ridgedogs Jewelry Mio Of Mira Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's Pride And Joy Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's Piece Of Art (l) Excellent, CK 5
Ridgebow's Urax Of Wasco Excellent, CK 5
Elangeni Friends In Hi Places Excellent, CK 5
Aminiafu's Noble Nuha Excellent, CK 5
Vackra Vilda Sweet Singing Sandy Excellent, CK 5
Exgate's Your Forever Kira Excellent, CK 5
Ridgedogs Loveatfirstsight Daia Excellent, CK 5
Barika Prea Paisumi Excellent, CK 5
Adoreas Ridged Escada Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's Precious Emily Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's Not For Sale Rio (l) Excellent, CK 5
Saimon's Praide Ecstasy Of Felicity Excellent, CK 5
Kangelani's Gentle Gaby By Clay (l) Excellent, CK 5
Just Snorre Of Wynnheim Excellent 4
Dekeza's Esinam Nitro By Shaka Excellent 4
Ridgedogs Heartbreaker Justin Excellent 4
Aminiafu's Kovo Excellent 4
Shavano's Noble Archie By Lloyd Excellent 4
Ridgedogs Glorious Akinzo Excellent 4
Just Shani Of Wynnheim Excellent 4
Hunting Prides Jozani Jamila Excellent 4
Sabaku Inus Nessa Of Meus Milo Excellent 4
Ridgedogs Keep An Eye On Nova Excellent 4
Shavano's Proud To Be Bellarosaria Excellent 4
Sabaku Inus Bakari Of Edelrood Excellent 4
Adoreas Ridged Chloe (l) Excellent 4
Kadamo Thinking Of Tilley Excellent 4
Dame Fortunas As It Should Be Excellent 4
Mankoya's Jolly Jenna Excellent 4
Shangazas Dame Fortuna Excellent 4
Exgate's Unique Diva By Nelvis Excellent 4
Vereus Qoya Hildegarde Excellent 4
Tambika's Number One Bark Very Good 3
Saimon's Praide Mirror Of My Hope Very Good 3
Aminiafu's Oliver Very Good 3
Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep Very Good 3
Go To Gate 1 Farkas Very Good 3
Sabaku Inus Chikako Of Sheriff Very Good 3
Royalty Rocks Lady Portia Very Good 3
African Roots Chillie Chinua By Ino Very Good 3
Wayosi Dolly Dagger Very Good 3
Wayosi Chattahoochee Very Good 3
Ridgedogs Keep An Eye On Maisha Very Good 3
Adoreas Ridged Chewbecca Very Good 3
Dirty Diamond's Bobby Dazzler Very Good 3
Akizuri Titi Bakira Very Good 3
Shavano`s One And Only Alva Very Good 3
Shavano's Proud To Be Cawa Very Good 3